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CTX beta 1250 TC / linear

Turn & Mill complete machining with exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles
Turn & Mill

Milling with up to 220 Nm torque
(CTX beta TC max. 120 Nm)

5-axis simultaneous machining due to Direct Drive B-axis with up to +/- 120° swivel range

ShopTurn 3G

Innovative multi-channel programming with ShopTurn 3G:

  • Up to 30 % productivity increase with the new DIN / ISO interface
  • Absolute flexibility between DIN & WOP
  • 3D workpiece simulation, also multi-channelled
linear drive
dmg-mori-technology-cycles-turning teaser Picture

Complex machining easily realized
Dialogue guided programming

- Up to 60 % faster
- New Applications
- Visualized, interactive and user friendly

CTX beta 1250 TC linear

The integrated combination of diverse technologies and methods is one of the defining trends of modern manufacturing. Apart from the generous standard equipment, the machines of the CTX beta TC and CTX gamma TC series offer a wide range of options, such as different tool magazines and counter spindles. 6-sided complete machining now delivers a decisive competitive advantage in many sectors. Increasingly more complex components require the integration of additional machining processes such as gear milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Highlights CTX beta 1250 TC / linear

  • Turn & Mill complete machining up to 51.2 in. turning length
  • Powerful 12,000 rpm turn mill spindle with NC-controlled B-axis and Direct Drive torque motor
  • Direct measuring systems in the X-, Y-, Z-axis come standard
  • Disc magazine with 24 tool slots or HSK-A63/Capto C6 chain magazine with 48 or 80 tool slots (optional)
  • Easy and fast programming with ShopTurn 3G and DMG MORI Technology Cycles
  • Expansion option: counter spindle for complete machining incl. tail stock function
  • Precision and dynamics with linear drive in the Z-axis (optional)
  • Utilize the full potential of your machining center with our DMG MORI Technology Cycles
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