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Horizontal Boring Mills Technology Overview

KURAKI is always expanding its Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine lineup ─optimal for machining large, heavy-duty workpieces─ to meet the ever-changing requirements experienced by our customers. Our technologies ensure satisfaction in every aspect of our machines, exemplified by rigidity and high accuracy, thus producing repeated customer business.

In response to the recently increased size of diversified materials and workpieces, we have improved machine structures that meet higher cutting ability requirements. Full use of numerous technologies, such as a 150-mm / 6 inch spindle (a high-accuracy rotary table capable of loading up to 30 tons / 66000 lbs), along with others, enables deep hole drilling and multi-axis machining of large, heavy-duty workpieces. Under current diversifying machining conditions, KURAKI Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines fully support expansion of new business.