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Advanced Solutions Development

Well-rounded innovation

At DMG MORI, our engineering team is continually striving for advanced solutions and technology developments that enhance the performance of our machine tools. We work closely with customers, peripheral equipment manufacturers and universities to bring solutions that help you make the most of your machine tool purchases.

Many of the engineering team’s solutions are conceived not by direct requests from customers, but by close observation of industry trends and market needs. This approach allows us to stay ahead of the technology curve and offer answers to challenges customers might not have been able to answer alone.
The sole focus of our engineering support?
To provide the tools to keep our customers competitive and profitable. 

Gear Milling: High flexibility without a compromise in productivity

The Gear Milling portfolio from DMG/MS offers high flexibility without a compromise in productivity. These technologies enable our Multi-Tasking centers to machine parts with gears using Hobbing, InvoMilling™, Broaching and 5 axis machining processes using the same machine. The machines can be used to make parts with Spur, Helical, Bevel, Spiral Bevel as well as internal gears efficiently.
Using these machines of diverse capability, customers can always keep these machines occupied and maximize returns on their investment.

Grill Tool: An inspired combination of grinding and milling

Our high-performance Grill doubles as both a milling and grinding tool. Ideal for the machining of engine blocks and pump housings, the Grill was developed by our engineering group through a partnership with Kennametal and Noritake.
The Grill features a milling cutter around its exterior with a grinding disc underneath. High-pressure coolant actuates the tool, allowing the grinding disc to extend beyond the edge of the milling tool. The Grill can perform both milling and grinding simultaneously, or either operation independently.

Grind Hardening: Heat treatment through grinding

Manufacturers have identified the elimination of heat treatment as the single greatest opportunity for reducing energy consumption in the machining of ferrous materials. Together with grinding wheel manufacturer Tyrolit, DMG MORI has developed a grinding process called “Grind Hardening,” which heat-treats a workpiece using special grinding wheels.

Hydrogage: Fast, high-resolution, in-process gauging

The Hydrogage system quickly performs ID and OD measurements to submicron resolution with high repeatability. Similar to air-gauging systems, the Hydrogage system passes coolant between the gage and workpiece, measuring the resistance to flow. Because the backpressure is proportional to the size of restriction, the actual dimensions of a part can be calculated with an incredible degree of accuracy.

Indexer: Programmable turret gang tools

The Indexer enables the placement of multiple tools on a single station. Its patent-pending technology greatly enhances the capabilities of DMG MORI mill-turn machining centers and turning centres with live tooling.
Developed to increase productivity in automotive and aerospace parts manufacturing, customers can use the Indexer in a machine’s primary spindle or in a turret with live tooling capabilities. By allowing a virtually unlimited number of tools per station, the Indexer adds flexibility, reduces downtime and offers an efficient way to use redundant tools for demanding applications. The quick-change nature of the system further increases its effectiveness.

Nitro-milling: Better, faster milling

With Nitro-milling, the workpiece can rotate in the chuck at very rapid speeds—resulting in extreme increases in productivity. It allows manufacturers to increase milling-cutter spindle speed without risking doubled metal-removal rates. Nitro-milling also evenly distributes wear among all of the inserts in the milling cutter to increase tool life and accuracy.

Spinning Tool: A multitasking machine tool

Developed jointly with Kennametal, the Spinning Tool employs live tooling for optimized turning operations. Mounted in a live-tooling pocket on the tool turret or in the milling spindle of a rotary head, the tool rotates as it engages the OD of a workpiece. The tool was designed so cutting forces push primarily against the spindle or the tool turret, making the cut more stable and resistant to chatter.

Zerochip: Through-the-spindle chip evacuation for dusty machining

The Zerochip device evacuates and isolates large amounts of harmful dust particles generated during graphite and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) machining. Ideal for aerospace parts manufacturing, Zerochip provides a clean, safe environment for both operator and machine.

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