ALX 1500

Base Machine for Automation for Every Shop Floor

Max. turning diameter
18.1 in.
Max. turning length
80.1 in.
Integrated spindle motor with C-axis (0.0001°)
6,000 rpm
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ALX Series | EN


Extensive lineup

  • 12 models for a wide range of workpieces: Spindle 6-inch chuck, turning / milling / Y-axis specification / spindle 2 specification, distance between centers 300 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 type
  • The ALX 1500 | 300 (turning specification) featuring a space-saving footprint of 2.7 m2 (29.1 ft2) can be placed in the existing CL1500 / CL2000 installation area
  • Rapid traverse rate (X-, Z-axis): 30 m/min (1,181.1 ipm) <25% faster than the CL> to reduce cycle time

Cutting-edge technology for high rigidity and high accuracy

  • Latest in-house made DDS (Direct Drive Spindle) turnMASTER
  • Slideways on the X-axis for higher damping performance, and linear motion guides on the Y- and Z-axis for improved positioning accuracy
  • Full closed loop control (Scale feedback) SmartSCALE as an option: Enhanced positioning accuracy

High-quality, High-performance Spindle turnMASTER

  • 3-year guarantee on the reliable turnMASTER
  • Our in-house manufactured built-in motor spindle, with DMG MORI’s long years of technological know-how, demonstrates overwhelming excellence in heavy-duty cutting that requires rigidity
  • The labyrinth structure has been enhanced, taking into account frequent use of high-pressure coolant
  • Prevent coolant entry and improve spindle durability
Sample applications

Standard automation and customized solutions in VERTICO design

Automation is a key element of digital production. Every DMG MORI machine can be upgraded with standard automation or with a customized automation solution for flexible manufacturing systems:

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Max. turning diameter
18.1 in.
Max. turning length
80.1 in.
Max. chuck size
6 in.
Main spindle
Integrated spindle motor with C-axis (0.0001°)
6,000 rpm
Output (100% power-on time)
10 hp.
Counter spindle
Integrated spindle motor (ISM) with C-axis (0.0001°)
7,000 rpm
Machine size
Machine weight
17,857 lbs.