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LASERTEC 50 PowerDrill

Highly dynamic 5-axis laser precision machine with linear drives

Max. X-axis travel
19.7 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
19.7 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
27.6 in.
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Technology leader in 5-axis precision laser drilling of cooling air holes for aerospace and IGT.

  • Contact-free machining without need of electrodes and without tool wear
  • Highest repeatability and reproducibility
  • Different laser sources for various applications
  • Shaped hole machining up to 10x faster than wire EDM and highest design liberty for the geometries
lastertec-50-powerdrill-highlight picture 1

Laser precision machine for all demanding 5-axis drilling applications up to Ø 13.8 in part size

  • Linear drives in X / Y with acceleration > 1 g as well as highly dynamic torque motors in both rotary axes (B- and C-axis)
  • Clearly structured working area with optimal accessibility to the workpiece
  • Compact machine design with only 43.1 ft² footprint

Best machine features for High-End-Machining

  • High positioning accuracy of ≤ 0.2032 μin
  • CCD camera and 3D measuring probe for fast setup
  • Available with high precision Nd:YAG-Laser 300 W / 500 W or 4 - 30.8 hp QCW-fiber laser

Available as a machine version PowerDrill for pure laser drilling or version PowerShape for machining of shaped hole geometries with conical exit funnels

  • Complete series with Siemens 840D solutionline and special LASERSOFT PowerDrill / PowerShape software packages
Laser Drilling with LASERTEC PowerDrill Series by DMG MORI
LASERTEC 50 PowerDrill Combustor

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Max. X-axis travel
19.7 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
19.7 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
27.6 in.