LASERTEC 4300 3D Hybrid by DMG MORI

LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid

Hybrid Complete Machining: Additive Manufacturing and Turning / Milling in one Machine

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Flexibility by the combination of additive and turning machining process for 3D-parts in finished quality

  • Large parts up to Ø 670 mm, 932 mm in Z (axial) or up to Ø 400 mm, 1,321 mm in Z (radial)
  • 5-axis material deposition by coaxial nozzle for homogeneous powder distribution, independent from direction of laser deposition welding
  • Additive Manufacturing of metals

Process monitoring and adaptive process-control (Closed Loop)

  • User friendly and specifically developed software with operator-orientated user interface and CELOS integration
  • Process monitoring for highest process safety and quality management
  • Continuous measuring and monitoring of the laser buildup process as well as automatic regulation of the laser power in real-time for homogeneous part qualities

Siemens NX: Complete Hybrid CAD / CAM – Module for additive and subtractive programming

  • One software package for the complete process chain (design, additive process, substractive machining,  finishing)
  • Exclusive LASERTEC build-up strategies - fully integrated in the CAD / CAM software incl. 3D-simulation of machine and movements for collision prevention
  • Shorter time-to-market due to completete integrated PLM software integration

Completely new product design potential

  • 5-axis controlled laser deposition welding in machining centers makes new products possible
  • New part features possible due to alternating material deposition and machining strategies
  • Improved part performance through new material combinations (e.g. Copper + Inconel)
  • Parts with inner channels for innovative, improved cooling
Sample applications
Control & software
CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI


Integrated digitization of the DMG MORI machines & the shop floor:

  • CELOS Machine: APP-based user interface with access to all production-related information
  • CELOS Manufacturing: 27 CELOS APPs for the optimal preparation & processing of orders
  • Digital Factory: Continuous digital workflows from planning to production & service
Service & training