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SPRINT 42 | 10 linear

Maximum flexibility with SWISSTYPEkit for fixed and sliding headstock turning
linear drive
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Complex machining easily realized
Dialogue guided programming

- Up to 60 % faster
- New Applications
- Visualized, interactive and user friendly

SPRINT 42 10 linear

With the SPRINT 42 | 10 linear, GILDEMEISTER Italiana offers a unique machine design that distinguishes itself through the highest measure of flexibility and productivity. DirectDrive Technology and linear motors on the main and counter spindles, up to 30 tools, three of which can operate simultaneously, and torque motors with 3.0 hp. capacity on the 16 driven tools on the tool turret, provide the best chipping performance. In addition, the SPRINT 42 | 10 linear with the patented SWISSTYPEkit conversion kit can seemlessly convert fixed headstock turning centre into a sliding headstock turning machine, opening up a wide range of possible workpieces. The SPRINT 42 | 10 linear is equipped with the most advanced Fanuc 3 series control technology for maximum operator comfort.

Highlights SPRINT 42 | 10 linear

  • Linear drives in X1 and X3 with 1 g acceleration for highest dynamics and consistent accuracy
  • Direct Drive and direct measuring systems for  the main and counter spindle as well as for the turret = highest accuracy
  • Double turret for 16 driven tools and 2 tool slides for up to 6 driven tools = 30 tools total
  • Highest cutting performance with driven tools with up to 3.0 hp.
  • Use of up to 3 tools simultaneously
  • Automatic workpiece unloading comes standard
  • Energy efficiency: Automatic shut-off of the machine
  • SWISSTYPEkit for fixed and sliding headstock turning on one machine, increased spindle travel from 4.7 to 12.6 in. 
  • NEW GENERATION Fanuc 3 series control
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