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TULIP – Easy way to paperless production / workshop digitization

Create interactive APPs by yourself - without programming knowledge 

Paperless production: User-friendly APPs to reduce sources of error, automatically collect and store data, and increase employee productivity and process efficiency
No Code: Easy creation of fully functional APPs without programming knowledge
APP templates: Create new APPs or use easily customizable APP templates
Seamless Integration: Plug & Play Integration of IoT devices and easy connection to existing systems (ERP/MES) via extensive interfaces

Application areas 

TULIP on the machine

TULIP next to the machine


Free APP templates

Over 200 customers use TULIP on their shoploors every day. Based on these best practices, more than 70 APP templates are available, from APPs for digital incoming goods inspection, digital assembly instructions, digital test records, APPs for recording machine data to shipping documentation.

Benefits for Customers

Digitize your manufacturing processes with the knowledge of your employees 

The most commonly used medium in production is still paper. Assembly instructions, quality checklists, process documentation or rework records are mostly paper documents. The data recorded on them therefore first has to be manually evaluated to uncover optimization potential and reasons for productivity losses.

With TULIP you can:

  • Capture data of processes by digitising them
  • Optimize processes based on data
  • Increase productivity through streamlined interaction on the whole shopfloor
  • Conserve knowledge of all employees through the no-code approach

Tackle challenges with TULIP

  1. Challenges
    -  Isolated IT-systems have limited functionality
    -  Existing IT is not tailored to your process
    -  No customizing of existing off-the-shelf software
    -  High costs and efforts for customizing
  2. Solutions with TULIP
    -  Self-Service: Create custom-made APPs without prior programming knowledge
    -  APP-Templates: Templates to adapt to your processes
    -  Plug & Play loT: Easy integration of IoT devices in TULIP
    -  Interfaces: Easy connection to existing ERP and MES systems
No Code
Data Analysis
IoT Tools
ERP/MES Interfaces
Machine Interfaces
On machine APPs
Machine Vision

Interactive APPs via drag & drop

No Code: Simple, intuitive APP creation with the visual APP editor.

Use the visual APP editor to create user-friendly and functional APPs that increase the productivity of your shopfloor processes - without any programing knowledge. Create customised APPs from scratch or quickly adapt one of the more then 70 extensive APP templates to your individual needs.

Shop floor management through systematic data collection

Data Analysis: Automatic evaluation of your data for a real-time insight into your production processes.

All data collected with TULIP APPs from employees, sensors and machines can be automatically analyzed, displayed in dashboards or can be expressed in important KPIs. In this way you can automatically obtain real-time analyses of your production, recognise the reasons for productivity losses more quickly and can immediately take countermeasures that lead to continuous process improvement.

Full integration of IoT tools

IoT tools: Plug & Play connection of digital sensors and tools.

Digital sensors and tools can be easily connected to TULIP APPs. TULIP supports a variety of devices and standard protocols. For example, digital tools such as measuring equipment, digital Torque screwdrivers, pick-to-light or RFID can be linked to TULIP via Plug & Play.

Simple connection to existing IT systems

ERP / MES interfaces: Open interfaces to existing IT systems via SQL, REST APIs or http.

You can connect TULIP to your existing IT infrastructure (via SQL, REST API and http) such as your ERP, MES or CAQ system via common software interfaces in order to exchange data. TULIP is therefore not an isolated solution but an open system that seamlessly complements your system architecture. The interfaces allow you to push/pull data exchange with your existing applications to connect your shopfloor with the backend. Track and document work orders, inventories, parts lists, tool usage and more.

Machine monitoring with just a few clicks

Machine interfaces: Common interfaces for the acquisition of data from your machines and plants.

Connect your machines and devices with your TULIP APPs. Read machine data via OPA UA, MQTT or Modbus from your DMG MORI machines as well as your old and 3rd party machines. Record operation and set-up times and be actively notified in case of unplanned downtimes, in order to resolve any occurring downtimes more quickly.

NEW: Digital worker guidance with your TULIP APPs on the machine

Access to TULIP APPs directly on the machine with CELOS V6.

Create your individual APPs for your machines - without any programming knowledge.  Starting with the latest CELOS version, your APPs can even be viewed by your employees on your machine panel. This means that all relevant job information is available to your machine operators with a single click in the form of setup instructions, quality checklists, trainings or APPs for tool management.

Easy integration of machine vision capabilities via drag & drop

TULIP Machine Vision
Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop machine vision integration.

Augment your operators with apps that leverage a growing library of computer vision capabilities to guide, measure, and improve your operations.

Test it for free

With TULIP you lay the foundation for the competitiveness and sustainability of your production. Test TULIP for free and create your own individual APPs for your shopfloor- we support you step by step. Arrange a personal demo for a first introduction to all important functions. 


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