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i 50

Optimum for Mass Production Machining of Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block 

In the automotive parts industry, where 10,000 to 50,000 parts are mass produced every month, automated production systems are essential to accommodate production volume that varies depending on the car model. DMG MORI’s i 50 is the ideal machine tool that encompasses all the elements required of line production machines: “compactness,” “reliability” and “maintainability". Designed with structures optimized for cylinder head and cylinder block machining, the i 50 delivers high-speed, high-precision machining, contributing to the development of a safe automobile society. Designed to be used in a manufacturing line where multiple machine tools operate in combination, the i 50 employs no APC and has an extremely compact footprint of approximately 6.7 m2 (72.1 ft2). The machine height was also lowered to reduce the vertical stroke of the gantry loader,which results in shorter loader cycle times. The machine offers high-speed machining with a rapid traverse rate of 62 m/min (2,440.9 ipm) and a Z-axis acceleration of 1.0 G, which was made possible by the use of a spindle that moves on the three axes (X / Y / Z) and lighter moving components on the Z-axis. Additionally, the slanted internal covers and the center trough structure ensure excellent chip disposal, helping the operator deal with a large amount of chips generated during automotive parts machining.

Highlights i 50

  • Ideal for machining cylinder heads and blocks
  • Compact horizontal machining center with no APC
  • Shorter machining time is achieved thanks to the spindle that moves in the X, Y and Z directions and lightweight moving parts on the Z-axis
  • Lower machine height and shorter loader stroke minimize loader cycle time
  • Inclined internal cover prevents chip accumulation
  • A variety of table options (A and B axis)
  • Stealth design boasting design excellence and high functionality
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