DMU 600 P

DMU 600 P

Universal machine in XXL size for 5-side / 5-axis machining of large workpieces

Max. X-axis travel
236.2 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
165.4 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
49.2 in.
Max. table load
88,185 lbs.
Control & software alternatives
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  • Maximum stiffness and high temperature stability
  • All relevant heat sources are liquid-cooled
  • Optimized machine concept based on FEM and modal analysis in portal design


  • Also available in mill- /turn - version
  • Large working area for work pieces up to 236.2 in x 118.1 in and 55,116 (88,185) lb
  • Main drive with 71.1 hp and 1,065.8 ft lb torque, optional 80.5 hp and 1,844 ft lb torque
  • Changeable heads with B-axis kinematics for gear spindle and C-/A- and C-/B-axis kinematics for motor spindle


  • Energy-efficient coolant units
  • Optional connection to on-site / customer-site cooling circuit
  • Version with double table and multi table available.

Maximum rigidity

  • Shortest installation times through modular design of individual assembly groups
  • Gear rod drive in the X-/ Y-axis
  • Ball screw drive in Z-/ W-axis for highest dynamics
  • Machine bed, column and crossbeam from EN-GJS-600-3 with excellent damping characteristics
  • Large dimensions with high temperature stability
Sample applications
Control & software
Service & training
Downloads & Technical Data
Max. X-axis travel
236.2 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
165.4 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
49.2 in.
Table dimensions
Max. table load
88,185 lbs.
Workpiece dimensions
Max. workpiece height
80.7 in.
Max. rotational speed (option)
28,000 rpm
Tool magazine
Capacity (standard)
Max. capacity
Rapid transverse
Max. X-axis
77.1 ft/min
Max. Y-axis
98.4 ft/min
Max. Z-axis
98.4 ft/min

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