LPP (24 shelves and 2 set-up-station) with NHX6300


  • Most flexible, multi-layer pallet pool systems with up to 8 machines, 99 pallet and 5 setup stations (10 machines and 99 pallets possible with ODS)
  • Handling of up to 3 different sizes of pallets possible in one system (2 sizes machine pallets, 1 size material pallet)
  • DMG MORI own cell manager “MCC LPS III” in standard
    • 2 different levels (Standard, Advanced) of cell controller available
    • Open, customizable system structure of MCC LPS III
    • Monitoring and management tools for all relevant areas (scheduling, parts, workhold, tooling etc.)
    • Integration in customer network / workflow possible
  • Option for tool management


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