Siemens Machine Tool Systems – a strong partner


Siemens Machine Tool Systems has been the global and innovative partner for the machine tool world for many years now. With the SINUMERIK CNC, Siemens provides highly productive automation solutions for the workshop, for contract manufacturing and for the large-batch production industry. Whether individual or mass production, simple or complex workpieces – SINUMERIK always provides the perfect solution. Furthermore, Siemens Machine Tool Systems offers seamless and integrated solutions that extend from the machine tool up to the enterprise level. Especially in the CNC production domain, with SINUMERIK, Siemens has been pushing the envelope for years now with innovative ideas. These ideas include simulation, virtual machines and integrating systems into the factory IT landscape. The objective is to further promote this integration, and therefore prepare the way for Industry 4.0 in machine tool manufacturing.


Measure for productivity

A SINUMERIK CNC is the right choice in many cases: for example, where new machine concepts are to be implemented. And of course whenever maximum productivity is required for a machine tool.     

Global organization

All around the world, Siemens Machine Tool Systems is close to the customer. With a tightly meshed global network of sales, service and training centers, as well as international production facilities, Siemens Machine Tool Systems offers the optimum organizational setup to bring machine tools into the global market.


A strong partner for the future

SINUMERIK CNC controls have been setting standards in the machine tool market for more than 50 years now.

Siemens Machine Tool Systems – with the power of innovation of a unique and experienced development team in the market – is there to ensure that it will also be possible in the future to implement highly productive machine concepts based on SINUMERIK CNC control systems.

DMG MORI and Siemens Machine Tool Systems share a long-standing strategic partnership. Both companies have successfully launched trend-setting solutions for modern operating and programming concepts based on SINUMERIK Operate. Siemens Machine Tool Systems offers an innovative and reliable platform for the automation and digitalization of DMG MORI machines.

Additive Manufacturing and Machining

DMG MORI Technology Partner Siemens

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