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DMQP logo

DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP)

Perfectly matched peripherals and accessories from a single source.

  • All from a single source – Machine, peripherals and service.
  • Perfectly matched – Connectivity of all DMQP products tested and guaranteed.
  • Certified quality – Selected DMQP partners with the highest technological competence.

Customer Benefits

DMQP - DMG MORI Qualified Products

  • Everything from a single source – machine, accessories and service
  • Perfect match – connectivity of all DMQP products tested and guaranteed
  • Certified quality and standardized interfaces
  • All DMQP products at market price
  • Recommended product packages for special customer applications
  • Identical warranty conditions to those of new DMG MORI machines
  • DMQP partners must meet the highest innovation, competence and quality requirements

Supplier benefits

  • During the first half-year of 2017 already more than 15,000 sales worth ~122 million $ have been realized
  • Certification as DMQP partner and worldwide marketing by DMG MORI
  • Use of the DMQP label by certified suppliers
  • Exhibition of DMQP products in selected DMG MORI showrooms and trade fairs
  • Regular product training for all DMG MORI sales staff

4 DMQP categories

1. Machining
2. Handling
3. Measuring
4. Monitoring

1. Machining

  • Coolant chiller
  • Oil mist separators
  • Steady rest
  • Tool / holders
  • Tools
  • Rotary tables
  • Clamping fixtures / chucks
  • Air filters
  • Software (CAD / CAM)

2. Handling

  • Bar feeders
  • Automation (robots, workpiece and pallet handling)
  • Chip conveyors
  • Grippers

3. Measuring

  • Measuring probes
  • Tool / workpiece measurement systems
  • Tool presetters

4. Monitoring

  • Transformers
  • Signal lamps
  • Cameras


An integral manufacturing solution from a single source at fair prices. This is exactly the benefit DMG MORI offers with its DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) initiative. The global concept and close cooperation with certified DMQP partners promises perfect synergy between machine and accessory for maximum technological competence.

All-round carefree package without compromise

DMG MORI development and application engineers work together with DMQP partners all around the world on the continuous optimization of existing manufacturing solutions and the development of new and innovative ones. “Our aim is to offer our customers an all-round carefree package. To ensure this is the case, all accessories undergo extensive testing and selection processes,” explains Dr. Thomas Froitzheim, Head of the DMQP
program at DMG MORI. “For us, DMQP is a seal of quality that we only grant if productivity, approval, availability and connectivity are all perfect – no compromises are made”, he goes on to tell us.

Perfectly matched accessories from a single source

The DMQP program also ensures structured recording and processing of customer feedback. “Really innovative solutions are developed in partnership and are seldom the result of explicit customer requirements”, stresses Dr. Froitzheim. The outcome is perfectly matched accessories that are offered at fair prices from a single source in the four large DMQP categories of machining, handling, measurement and monitoring. This makes procurement less complex for customers and guarantees a highly innovative product portfolio with certified DMQP partners at an attractive price. The warranty conditions correspond to the respective machine tool. And finally, the company takes care of the entire process, from consultation for the purchase and installation through to service and the ordering of spare parts. This means speedy support in an emergency.

According to Dr. Froitzheim, all suppliers will also profit in the end through DMQP. He said, specifically addressing these partners: “Suppliers are also DMQP winners because, as certified partners, their products will be presented during the initial sales meetings and will therefore be seen by the customer!” And, of course, these discussions are carried out around the world by the largest sales team that the global machine tool building sector has to offer.