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Integrated Digitization


CAD/CAM systems & simulation for the highest level of process reliability and a preparation process with full digital support.

  • Digital process chain from programming to manufacturing
  • Reduction of set-up times for maximum usage rates
  • Fast and simple integration into the entire production process


Fast and simple programming for complex machines & components

With the CAD/CAM systems by DMG MORI, you will have component information available directly in the programming. It is convenient to programme the next components whilst the machine is running. Using our DMG MORI key technologies, controls are set upstream in the machine programming. The use of a suitable level of standardisation reduces the programming time, and interventions in the machine are no longer required at all.

CAD / CAM Systems


  • Process reliability (100%) (defective goods 0%)

  • Reduction of order lead times by up to 50%

  • DMG MORI certified postprocessor development



NX CAM by Siemens

For continuous product lifecycle management

  • Fully-integrated CAD/CAM system
  • Individual manufacturing strategies
  • Complex simultaneous milling processes
  • Mapping of the entire process to PLM
  • DMG MORI modules for feature-based machining, as well as automated deburring and measurement

Introduction period: from 10 days’ basic training

DMG MORI key technology for the highest level of productivity

DMG MORI key technologies are exclusive CAM additional modules. These solutions allow you to significantly reduce programming and start-up times and to increase the machine’s process reliability. Intelligent measurement routines regulate the component measurements and actively control the resulting processing steps.

Additional Modules for CAM

DMG MORI Post Processors
DMG MORI Technology Library
DMG MORI Adaptive Machining

DMG MORI Post Processors

DMG MORI Technology Library

The core of the CAM system

DMG MORI post processors are always adapted to the respective DMG MORI machine, including the optional elements, in a customer-specific manner. 

  • Consideration of machine-specific PLC, controls and cycles
  • Improved technology transfer from the CAM system into the NC-Code
  • Error prevention with additional parameters in the PLC environment
  • Expertise of the DMG MORI Software Solutions developers & of the application experts at the DMG MORI factories

Available for: Siemens NX CAM and ESPRIT CAM

DMG MORI Technology Library

DMG MORI Technology Library

Automated manufacturing processes

By using its technologies in the field of turning and milling, DMG MORI Technology Library aims to achieve the highest level of process reliability and shorter lead times.

  • Fully and partially automated manufacturing processes for variants, component families and product groups

    Reduction of programming times by up to 95%

Available for: ESPRIT CAM

DMG MORI Adaptive Machining

DMG MORI Adaptive Machining

The best processing strategies at the touch of a button

Standardised controls with the measuring probe within the processing sequence guarantee consistent component quality.

  • Aligning and sampling
  • Fit sizes are corrected automatically
  • Correction of kinematic residual errors
  • Documentation of results
  • Complete production process in just one CAM session

Available for: Siemens NX CAM


Analyse NC programmes and prevent collisions

All checks of the automated production process are managed by the NC-Code simulation. This reduces start-up times by up to 90%, prevents machine damage, expedites the lead time and reduces machine downtime.


  • Evaluation of NC programmes and prevention of collisions
  • Quality-tested NC programmes with 100% process reliability for production
  • Simulation of material removal
DMG MORI Virtual Machine



Prevent machine collisions & reduce start-up times

  • Fast, high-resolution simulation
  • For all machine manufacturers and controls
  • Interfaces to all common CAM systems
  • Processing of large quantities of data
  • Component comparison possible
  • Special modules for optimising machine-related NC-Code, such as OptiPath or FORCE

DMG MORI Virtual Machine

DMG MORI Virtual Machine

Simulation with 100% identical machinery room depiction 

  • Integration of HEIDENHAIN or Siemens controls behaves like the real machine
  • Support for all forms of programming
  • DMG MORI Digital Twin: Realistic depiction of the machine including all special options and control components

 Available for: DMG MORI machines


KWS Kölle GmbH Werkzeugbau-Sonderfertigung
Berger Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

KWS Kölle GmbH Werkzeugbau-Sonderfertigung

KWS Kölle

“DMG MORI has many years of experience with machines and processes and works together with qualified technology providers to offer selected CAD/CAM systems.

Using CAM systems allows us to increase the speed of programming, reduce set-up times and provide consistent quality.

The CAM additional modules by DMG MORI are special add-ons, which enable adaptive measurement in the process with automatic process regulation. This allows us to increase productivity by up to 60%, as measurement on the measuring machine is no longer required.”

Christian Streit, Managing Director KWS Kölle GmbH Werkzeugbau-Sonderfertigung

Berger Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

Berger Modell- und Formenbau

“VERICUT really does notice everything. There aren’t any more instances of machine standstill. With VERICUT, we can now be confident that whatever we have programmed will be 100% accurate.”

Matthias Berger, Managing Director Berger Modell- und Formenbau GmbH


CELOS APPs in the field of preparation support machine operators in preparation tasks thanks to directly accessible order data, conversion tools and access to reference works.


Preparation - KWS Kölle GmbH
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