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GX 15 T

GX 15 T - The gantry loader for the CTX 2500 | 700

  • Handling of workpieces up to ø 200 × 150 mm and weighing up to 15 kg
  • Stacking magazine with 10 pallets, max. 75 kg per pallet 
  • 3-finger centric double-gripper with swivel axis for loading and unloading the main- and/or counterspindle
  • Very low footprint of 10.2 m²
  • Easy programming and setup due to integration into the machine control


GX 15 T
GX 15 T

Highlights GX 15 T – Flexible gantry loader for maximum productivity

  • Low height of 3.4 m by means of telescopic axis
  • Workpiece weight up to 2 × 15 kg with double gripper
  • Very low footprint: 10.2 m² with CTX 2500 I 700
  • Control via machine operating panel
  • Easy and fast part removal via the front door for parts inspection
  • Sliding door for easy loading and unloading

Dialogue-guided control

  • Simple CNC interface
  • Adjustment of the parameters for a perfect ratio of tool weight to axis speed

Technical Data

Technical data

Max. workpiece weight lb.

Max. workpiece size in.


Max. number of pallets

 GX 15 T

2 x 33.1

ø 7.9 × 5.9


CTX 2500
GX 15 T

● available