DMU 50 with PH 150


  • Cost-effective automation solution
  • Up to 24 pallets
  • Compact solution: 16 m² space requirement


PH 10 is available for: HSC 20 linear, ULTRASONIC 20 linear, Lasertec 20 PrecisionTool

PH 150 is available for: DMU 50, DMU 40 eVo linear, DMU 60 eVo linear, DMU 80 eVo linear, DMU monoBLOCK series, HSC linear series (except HSC 20 linear), DMU duoBLOCK series, CMX V series, CMX U series, DMC V series, LASERTEC 75 Shape, ULTRASONIC 60 eVo, ULTRASONIC 80 eVo, ULTRASONIC 65, ULTRASONIC 85

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