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Cooperation sustains innovation

The world of machine tools has globalized. Strong alliances are necessary to tackle and master the challenges. We are bundling our resources to gain joint efficiency advantages.

"The combination of high-end technology and a strong sales and service network creates efficiency advantages for everyone."
Dr. Masahiko Mori

"By growing together into “Global One” Company we can work even more effectively and efficiently. We can benefit from the cultural diversity."
Mr. Christian Thönes


Strong partnership
By combining sales and service activities, DMG MORI offers a broad product portfolio and unique market presence. The cooperation covers sales and all technical services, such as customer services, training courses and technical support. More than 7,400 employees are available to assist our customers in 164 national and international sales and service centers in 76 countries.

Successful together to benefit our customers. DMG MORI brings German and Japanese tradition together - precision and technological leadership in machine tool building. DMG MORI benefits from the combined engineering mastery of 68 years of Mori Seiki and 148 years of GILDEMEISTER.

Innovative and solutions-based with new technologies. As one of the innovation leaders in the industry, DMG MORI is continuously developing trend-setting products. Utilizing its pooled innovative capacity, DMG MORI is optimizing its product and service portfolios, and setting technological standards.

Global presence for our customers. With 164 sales and service centers, DMG MORI provides local support worldwide.

Consistently committed to meeting customer requirements. DMG MORI works tirelessly on operating efficiency and excellence so as to better meet your demands and strengthen your performance capability.

Many advantages:

  • High-quality and individual technological solutions from DMG MORI
  • More than 96 % spare parts availability for your DMG MORI machine
  • Qualified DMG MORI service employees for quick service and support
  • 24/7 hotline for immediate support with service issues around the clock
  • Highly specialized application engineers to optimize your production processes
  • 3D software solutions and intelligent software products
May 5, 2017At the 115th Annual General Meeting, the company’s realignment obtains considerable support. The final vote on the agenda resulted in a high approval rate.
February 28, 2017Automation is one of the key development focuses at production sites. The goal is that every DMG MORI machine will be equipped with an automation system in the future.
February 14, 2017DMG MORI is strengthening its future technologies in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, and with the integration of REALIZER products it is pooling the most important generative manufacturing procedures for metallic materials under one roof. 
January 1, 2017As a “Global One Company”, DMG MORI is focusing on its core business with machine tools and services and is realigning its sales and service structure worldwide.
December 31, 2016DMG MORI and Haimer GmbH intensify their collaboration and sign a cooperation agreement. As a new premium partner, Haimer takes over the Microset operations.
November 1, 2016DMG MORI strengthens its digitization expertise with the establishment of the start-up ISTOS. Customers can be better supported in their digital transformation thanks to fully connected production processes.
September 30, 2016As the first international machine tool manufacturer, DMG MORI officially holds the status of “Russian manufacturer”. 
August 24, 2016With its entry in the commercial register, the domination and profit transfer agreement becomes effective. The further merger to form a "Global One Company" enables DMG MORI to consolidate its competitive position in global markets. 
July 15, 2016 The 114th Annual General Meeting approves the domination and profit transfer agreement. This agreement provides a legal framework and basis for an even closer working relationship. 
June 29, 2016 With a Grand Opening, the SAUER GmbH inaugurates the modernized production and logistic capacities of the ULTRASONIC-technology location in Idar-Oberstein. 
June 14, 2016 The technology and solution center at the headquarters in Bielefeld is expanded to 3,400 m² and presents integrated technology solutions for digitization.
May 23, 2016 
At a Grand Opening DMG MORI has inaugurated the technology and solution center in Moscow.
April 15, 2016The Supervisory Board of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT unanimously appoints Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Thönes as chairman of the Executive Board.
April 6, 2016DMG MORI CO., LTD. has increased its direct and indirect shareholding to 76.03% and intends to conclude a domination and profit transfer agreement. After 20 successful years as chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza leaves the company by mutual agreement with the Supervisory Board of DMG MORI AG.
December 31, 2015At the end of the year the DMG MORI CO., LTD. holds 60.67% of the shares in DMG MORI AG.
September 29, 2015With the inauguration of one of the most advanced state-of-the-art production and assembly plants worldwide in Ulyanovsk, DMG MORI strengthens its presence and expertise in Russia.
April 30, 2015After successful completion of the transaction, DMG MORI CO., LTD. holds 52.54 % of the shares.
January 21, 2015DMG MORI SEIKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT enters into a Cooperation Agreement 2015 with DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. The agreement contains goals for further strategic development and sets the framework for DMG MORI CO. LTD.'s tender offer. 
December 15, 2014The global DMG MORI sales and service network will soon be coordinated from the headquarters in Winterthur and Tokyo. With the grand opening in Winterthur, DMG MORI will open a new, innovative technology center in Switzerland.
July 18, 2014DMG MORI is opening its new global headquarters in Tokyo. The grand opening will be another milestone on the companies‘ path to expanding their global presence and sustainably improving their proximity to customers.
October 1, 2013One brand for the world: GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft turns into DMG MORI SEIKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. turns into DMG MORI SEIKI COMPANY LIMITED. For the sales and service organization the brand DMG MORI is introduced.
September 16, 2013DMG MORI SEIKI is the largest exhibitor at the EMO in Hanover and presents CELOS - from the idea to the finished product, the new joint machine design and 18 world premieres.
August 26, 2013The Joint Committee formed by GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki sets to work. The committee coordinates the activities of both companies.
March 20, 2013To intensify the strategic cooperation that has been in operation since 2009, GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft and Mori Seiki Co. Ltd. sign a Cooperation Agreement. This makes it possible to further strengthen the sales and service network in global key markets. The future expansion of worldwide production and more intense cooperation in the area of research and development is planned as well.
April 1, 2012The newly-founded DMG MORI Europe AG with headquarter in Switzerland directs all sales and service activities of the European DMG MORI companies.
September 19, 2011First joint trade fair of DMG MORI at the EMO in Hanover / The first joint new development, the MILLTAP 700, was presented.
August 2, 2011GILDEMEISTER is the largest single shareholder of Mori Seiki with a share of 5.1%
July 26, 2011GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki combine their activities in Europe
April 19, 2011After two successful capital increases, Mori Seiki holds 20.1% of the voting rights of GILDEMEISTER
April 1, 2010GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki combine their activities in the USA and in India
July 1, 2009GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki initiate common sales and service in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey
March 23, 2009Cooperation between GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki is initiated

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