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A "powerful machine tool" cannot be defined by the machine itself anymore. In the current IoT movement, software plays a major factor to improve operational efficiency and production. Correspondingly, as the number of machine tools increases, it is important to build an efficient centralized machine control by utilizing the latest network technology.

CELOS Club provides a lifecycle software solution to integrate your machine tools into a digital ecosystem. This package includes various applications and services that will support you to maximize the use of CELOS and significantly boost your productivity.


  • Tools to ensure effective machining preparation and job management
  • Enhancement of machine functions by software upgrades
  • Downtime minimization with remote monitoring and troubleshooting

DMG MORI Visual Programming

Easy creation of machining program on PC

DMG MORI Visual Programming is an application that enables you to create machining programs on a PC just by following the guidance on the screen. This allows significant reduction of programing time and centralized management of programs.

MfgSuite NC Simulation

Offline NC program verification

MfgSuite (Manufacturing Suite) is a Windows application software that provides high-performance and high-accuracy virtual machining with interference checking functions. As a machinebuilder’s own software, it is full of DMG MORI machining know-hows to deliver most confident cutting simulations.

CELOS PC-Version

Direct access from PC to machine

CELOS PC-Version allows you to use CELOS functions on a PC and access to CELOS-equipped machines from your office through network. It also permits transferring job data to each machine on the shop floor and offers centralized management of machining setups, instructions and maintenance information. Production planning and progress management during setup operation become possible with CELOS PC-Version.

DMG MORI Messenger

Maximizing productivity by machine monitoring

DMG MORI Messenger provides an access to live detailed machine status at anytime from anywhere. Continuous online monitoring enables our customers to get an overview of their production performance and be informed of malfunctions immediately via e-mail or SMS.


Remote assistance of the qualified service technicians

For your need of DMG MORI support on technical problems, NETSERVICE offers an immediate and comprehensive analysis of the problem through secure internet connection between your machine and our service center.

CELOS / MAPPS Free Version Upgrade

Latest features always available through version upgrades

  • annual upgrade of CELOS software to receive new features, enhanced existing functions, and improved operability
  • Data compatibility assurance between existing machine and newly introduced machine for a smooth machine deployment
  • 20% discount on software option purchases
  • Functions that were not available at the time of machine installation can be added by the later upgrade
Worry-Free Protection

Reliable support in case of failure

  • 50% discount on spare parts for ERGOline Touch
  • Module-basis replacement to ensure quick repair and shorter downtime

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