Max. X-axis travel
82.7 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
82.7 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
49.2 in.
Max. table load
17,637 lbs.
Table diameter
66.9 in.
Control & software alternatives

ultrasonic-210-p-highlight picture 1

ULTRASONIC technology integration for an expanded machining portfolio

  • Technology integration via HSK-A63 / HSK-A100 / HSK-E50 actuator system
  • ULTRASONIC superimposition of the tool rotation with amplitudes up to > 0.254 µin.
  • Automatic frequency detection -adaption, amplitude regulation and automatic feed adjustment
  • Up to 50% reduced process forces due to ULTRASONIC allow: higher feeds, better surface finishes up to Ra < 0.00254 µin. and longer tool life.


  • Maximum accuracy through water-cooled feed drive
  • Band filter unit with 258.7 gl as standard
  • Highest long-term accuracy due to cooled linear guideways and active spindle growth control.


  • High dynamics with feed speed up to 2,362.2 ipm.
  • Also available in mill- /turn - version
  • Pallet changer for main time parallel setup as standard
  • Biggest spindle range in the market: powerMASTER motor spindle with up to 737.6 ft./lbs. and torqueMASTER gear spindle with 1,327.6 ft./lbs.


  • Lower energy consumption through intelligent needs-based power units.
  • Gantry design with vertically moving cross beam with hydraulic weight compensation.
  • Fast innovative wheel type magazine with up to 303 tools with minimized footprint. 
Sample applications
Control & software
CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI

CELOS and Industry 4.0

App based control and operating system which serves as an entry point to digitization:

  • CELOS Machine: with up to 60 sensors for monitoring and supervision of machine and process
  • CELOS Manufacturing: App based digital workflows for maximum efficiency on the shop floor
  • Digital Factory: integrated production planning and control with digital solutions by DMG MORI
Service & training
Downloads & Technical Data
Max. X-axis travel
82.7 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
82.7 in.
Max. Z-axis travel
49.2 in.
Table dimensions
Max. table load
17,637 lbs.
Table diameter
66.9 in.
Workpiece dimensions
Max. workpiece height
39.4 in.
Standard rotational speed
12,000 rpm
Max. rotational speed (option)
30,000 rpm
Power (100% power-on time)
69.7 hp.
Torque (100% power-on time)
317.2 ft./lbs.
15-55 kHz
Max. amplitude
0.00039 in.
Tool magazine
Capacity (standard)
Rapid transverse
Max. X-axis
98.4 ft/min
Max. Y-axis
98.4 ft/min
Max. Z-axis
98.4 ft/min

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