06/10/2016|ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation

Complete machining with enhanced ULTRASONIC technology

Extensive optimizations across the board, from the expanded ULTRASONIC technology and the machine construction, the performance, and on to include the options available, further enhancing the technical edge of the machining center. 

With the ULTRASONIC technology developed in collaboration with SAUER, DMG MORI has for many years now been offering high-performance machine tools for the high-precision 5-axis machining of complex workpieces made of advanced materials. The series has now entered a new league with the new 2nd generation ULTRASONIC 20 linear. Extensive optimisations across the board, from the expanded ULTRASONIC technology and the machine construction, the performance up to include the options available, further enhance the technical edge of the machining centre. Spindle speeds of optionally up to 60,000 rpm, more powerful drive motors, an even smaller footprint plus CELOS with apps developed specifically for ULTRASONIC are among the innovations that users from the optical, clock and watch, medical and high-precision mould construction sectors will benefit in future.

The 2nd generation ULTRASONIC 20 linear thus uniquely combines high speed cutting and highly efficient ULTRASONIC grinding of advanced materials on one machine. It allows the machining of an unrivalled broad range of materials.
The decisive technological innovations of the 2nd generation ULTRASONIC 20 linear include a new, completely digitally controlled ULTRASONIC generator plus ULTRASONIC actuators with enhanced performance. The tool holders with adapted actuator technology are changed into the milling spindle simply and automatically. Each of these holders contains so-called piezo elements, which are activated by a programme-controlled inductive system with a high frequency of between 20 and 50 kHz.
The actual tool rotation is thus superimposed with an additional tool movement in the longitudinal direction so that a defined amplitude, which can be programmed in the NC-programme, in the range of up to more than 10 µm is generated on the cutting edge of the tool or on the grinding layer. During grinding, drilling and milling this ULTRASONIC superimposition of vibrations has a direct, positive impact with up to 40 percent reduced process forces. This enables longer tool service life as well as excellent surface qualities of up to Ra < 0.1 µm for hard and brittle advanced materials such as glass, ceramics, corundum but also composite materials and hard metal. 

The smartSONIC is used in the 2nd generation ULTRASONIC 20 linear as a new ULTRASONIC generator.  
This automatically recognises the ULTRASONIC frequency that is best suited for actuator and tool.  
As another world first it also tracks the frequency and amplitude power during the machining process.  
To achieve this the smartSONIC automatically tracks the frequency response and compensates all external impacts,  such as damping of the ULTRASONIC vibrations caused by the prevailing process forces.  
This results in consistent control of the set amplitude or that defined in the NC-programme.  
So the user can maximise the process to the utmost and thus increase tool utilisation, minimise cycle times and  most especially achieve even more filigree, accurate and high-quality manufacturing results thanks to the reduction of  process forces.