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Experience and competence for leading industries

Leading industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, and Medical are technological drivers for DMG MORI resulting in the establishment of worldwide DMG MORI Technology Excellence Centers focused on the demands of these sectors.

  • As a global full-liner to comprehensive competence partnership
  • DMG MORI Excellence Centers early integration for customised manufacturing solutions
  • The leading sectors of DMG MORI: Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, and Medical
  • Technology Excellence for all kinds of Aerospace applications
  • Optimum solutions for flexible and efficient production in the Automotive sector
  • The right machine for every Die & Mold requirement
  • Achieving top quality in medical with Technology Excellence
As the leading industries Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, and medical are technological drivers for DMG MORI.

With over 50 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing and a consequent orientation towards the future of production, DMG MORI is known as a competent partner for many industries. In particular the leading sectors – Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, and Medical – drive the development of manufacturing technologies. For DMG MORI this has led to the establishment of DMG MORI Technology Excellence Centers all over the world focused on these demanding industries. In these Technology Excellence Centers, the machine tool manufacturer offers customers far more than simply excellent high-tech machines and outstanding technological performance. The DMG MORI experts are involved in future projects of customers at an ever-earlier stage. This results in the development of optimum manufacturing processes and complete turnkey solutions.

Technology Excellence for all kinds of aerospace applications

DMU 200 Gantry impresses in machining large parts of up to 22,000 lbs with 0.5 g acceleration.

Average growth rates of more than seven percent make aerospace one of the global growth branches. DMG MORI supports OEMs and suppliers with productive manufacturing processes thus participating to a very high degree in the growth of this sector. In order to meet the strict requirements of demanding users, DMG MORI concentrates its entire expertise in the DMG MORI Aerospace Excellence Center. The machine tool manufacturer offers its customers far more than simply excellent high-tech machines and outstanding technological performance for all types of applications in aerospace. Looking at structural components, DMG MORI excels with a complete package of highly dynamic linear drives with 1 g acceleration for more complex geometries, swivel rotary table, and our newly developed aerospace speedMASTER 30,000 rpm for up to 8 l/min metal removal rate for aluminium. The gantry series ranging from the DMU 200 Gantry to the DMU 600 Gantry linear, impresses in dynamically machining large parts of up to 22,000 lbs with 0.5 g acceleration. The duoBLOCK machines – thanks to their rigidity and performance – allow five-axis high-speed milling of complex titanium components. Advanced technologies such as ULTRASONIC for machining CRP materials and additive manufacturing with the LASERTEC 3D and LASERTEC SLM machines complete the portfolio in DMG MORI’s aerospace excellence.

Optimum solutions for flexible and efficient production in the automotive sector

The NZX-S models optimize the serial production of crankshafts.

Rising sales figures in both the traditional North American and European markets as well as in high-growth China characterize the automotive sector. Manufacturers and their suppliers are confronted with the challenge to create a fast and economical production solution that will give them the edge in this fiercely competitive market: low unit costs, automated processes, and a high level of flexibility are the key factors. As a long-standing competence partner in automobile manufacturing, DMG MORI sells 1,500 machines a year to the automotive industry and is called upon to meet the high demands with state-of-the-art CNC technologies such as the DMC H linear machines and i-series for efficient manufacturing of engine blocks and powertrains. In the field of turning, the space-saving and easily accessible NZX-S models optimize the serial production of crankshafts. The CTX beta 1250 CS is also designed for manufacturing crankshafts. Thanks to its three tool mounts and the patented, integrated steady rest it is the only model on the market which offers turning and milling operations for crankshafts in one machine.

The CTX beta 1250 offers turning and milling operations for crankshafts in one machine.

The right machine for every Die & Mold requirement

Maximum demands on accuracy and efficiency mean the Die & Mold sector has always been a driver of technology for DMG MORI. With consistent further development of machining technologies and innovative software solutions for a digital future, DMG MORI implements productive manufacturing concepts for the challenges associated with Die & Mold making in the Die & Mold Excellence Center. Highlights in the product portfolio include the powerful vertical machining centers DMC V and NVX series, the versatile 5-axis universal milling machines from the DMU monoBLOCK and DMU eVo linear series, as well as the XXL machines including the DMU 340 Gantry. 

Moreover, DMG MORI is setting new standards in surface structuring with the LASERTEC Shape technologies. The laser texturing of geometrically defined surfaces is more environmentally friendly than etching and offers enormous design freedom in addition to the highest repeat accuracy. The new LASERTEC 125 Shape has been designed especially for the texturing of large molds and dies of up to ø 49 x 39 inches and workpiece weights of maximal 5,732 lbs (with the optional tandem drive) Texture quality has once again been optimized while retaining the high processing speed. This has resulted in up to 69 percent shorter processing times and, therefore, far lower costs per part.

The NTX 1000 2nd Generation in 6-sided complete machining produces a part of a knee implant.

Achieving top quality in medical with technology excellence

Demographic growth, increasing life expectancy, and an economic upswing are among the key drivers in the medical technology industry – with accompanying implications for mechanical production. Economic production of medical technology products is a major issue. DMG MORI plays an important role in enabling implants and instruments to be machined efficiently and, above all, to meet the high demands on quality. This comprises the entire material mix from high-strength plastic, stainless steel, and titanium to cobalt-chrome and now degradable magnesium alloys. Preferring a small footprint, medical manufacturers profit from models such as the compact machining center DMP 70, the SPRINT automatic turning machines, as well as the DMU 50, the smaller DMU eVo models for 5-sided milling, and the NTX 1000 2nd Generation for 6-sided complete machining. Complete machining is a commonplace topic in the industry. In particular, complex parts such as knee implants made of cobalt-chrome can be manufactured with maximum efficiency in 5-axis simultaneous machining on a DMU 40 eVo linear. speedMASTER spindles with up to 30,000 rpm or spindles with up to 60,000 rpm for the HSC 20 linear achieve surface qualities that require a minimum of post-processing effort.

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