09/10/2018|IMTS 2018 - KURAKI Sales Cooperation

Broader product portfolio and improved service

As the result of a sales cooperation with KURAKI, a Japanese manufacturer of horizontal boring mills, DMG MORI has been expanding its product portfolio and range of services in the US market since October 2017.

The sales cooperation agreement made in October 2017 in the US market has allowed DMG MORI and KURAKI to expand a business relationship that has been established in Japan for over 60 years. The product portfolios of both partners complement one another perfectly, with innovative CNC machine tools on the one hand as well as high-precision and reliable horizontal boring mills on the other. The close cooperation will enable DMG MORI and KURAKI to offer integral manufacturing solutions and optimize service at the local level. Particularly customers from the areas of die and mold, energy technology and aerospace will profit from this pioneering offer of cooperation.​​​​​​​

In October 2017 DMG MORI and KURAKI startet a sales cooperation.

DMG MORI has established itself on the North American market as a provider of state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing solutions. The modern production plant in Davis, California, and the Chicago Technical Center underscore the local presence of the machine tool manufacturer. The continent is a key sales region for KURAKI. This Japanese manufacturer sells 50 percent of its exports in North America. The sales cooperation allows DMG MORI and KURAKI to bundle their strengths in creating concepts for customer-oriented manufacturing solutions and in the area of service business. The cooperation covers a total of 35 US states as well as Canada and involves a total of 800 employees.

KURAKI Horizontal Boring Mill
KURAKI Horizontal Boring Mill Model: KBM-11EM

One central point of the sales cooperation of DMG MORI and KURAKI is their mutual focus on innovation, precision and quality. DMG MORI is well known for its versatile machining centers and powerful lathes while KURAKI expands this portfolio with its highly accurate horizontal boring mills. High-precision boring applications in particular are in high demand in many industries. Customers from the aerospace industry and rail transport technology benefit from the joint product portfolio as well as users in the area of die and mold, oil and gas or wind energy.

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