05/10/2018|Innovation Days Chicago 2018 - DMU 50 3rd Generation

Meeting the 5-axis requirements of tomorrow

With its high-quality equipment, the DMU 50 3rd generation convinces price-conscious users from demanding industries

  • Swivel-rotary table with large swivel range and a load capacity of up to 660 lbs.
  • 42 m./min. rapid traverse in the standard version
  • speedMASTER 20,000 rpm spindle with 36-month warranty
  • Tool magazine with up to 120 pockets
  • Direct path measuring systems and an innovative cooling concept

The DMU 50 combines more than 20 years of experience, proven technology and low investment costs in the 5-axis portfolio of DMG MORI. On this basis and enhanced in all respects the bestseller has moved into the next round. This compact DMU 50 3rd generation sets new standards in 5-axis to 5-axis simultaneous machining. With its extended swivel range, more powerful spindle and its innovative cooling concept the machine guarantees a competitive edge in a range of industries. It’s areas of application range from training, to general mechanical engineering, fixture construction and on to include applications in demanding branches such as the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

The DMU 50 3rd Generation sets new standards in 5-axis to 5-axis simultaneous machining.

While redeveloping the DMU 50 3rd Generation, DMG MORI has managed to integrate the modern appearance of the design with user-friendly operation. The large work area door, for example, with a width of 34.5 inches ensures unrestricted access from the front, even in combination with automation solutions. The table also has an ergonomic loading height of 31.5 inches. The optimum accessibility of the DMU 50 3rd Generation even encompasses maintenance components such as the control cabinet, fluid box, oil mist separator, heat exchanger and cooling unit.

Work travels of 26 x 25 x 19 inches  and work piece weights of up to 660 lbs. mean the DMU 50 3rd generation covers a wide range of components. Its new NC swivel-rotary table with an enlarged swivel range of -35°/+110° boosts this versatility. A rapid traverse of 42 m./min. and 30 rpm in the swivel-rotary axis ensure the dynamics for 5-axis to 5-axis simultaneous machining. In addition to the 15,000 rpm speedMASTER motor spindle, the user can also choose between motor spindles with up to a 20,000 rpm. Uniting all of DMG MORI’s expertise, the MASTER motor spindle series is characterized by high reliability and a significantly longer lifecycle compared to conventional spindles. This is the reason DMG MORI provides a 36-month warranty on the spindles in this series – without any hourly limit. Also available as an option is an expanded tool magazine with up to 120 pockets. There are 30 tool pockets in the standard version.

The DMU 50 3rd generation achieves a unique degree of precision of less than 6 µ that is unbeatable in this segment thanks to its one-piece machine bed on the one hand and on the other its innovative cooling of the guides, drives and table bearings. Directly driven ball screws and direct path measuring systems in all five axes round off the equipment with regard to the machine’s high degree of precision. The DMU 50 can be expanded with coolant tanks and tool measurement as an option.

A 21.5” ERGOline® with CELOS® and Siemens 840D solution line as well as a 19” ERGOline® with HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 are available as modern control options. DMG MORI also has diverse automation solutions in its program for the DMU 50, such as workpiece or pallet handling systems. This enables the world premiere to master challenging applications in the future-oriented aerospace, medical, automotive and energy branches – a demand that was already taken into account during the practice-oriented development of the machine. In other words, the DMU 50 3rd generation continues to fulfill all the requirements that ensure it will remain DMG MORI’s best-selling 5-axis model.

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