07/30/2020|DMG MORI Messenger

DMG MORI Messenger 90-day free trial

DMG MORI supports its customers with integral and innovative solutions for future-oriented production through the continuous development of its digitalization services at all levels of the value chain.

DMG MORI USA is now offering a free 90-day trial of DMG MORI Messenger for US customers with MAPPS machines! This free 90-day trial empowers customers to easily get started on their path to digitized business optimization by leveraging Messenger’s secure cloud service. No web server is required. The offer is available to all customers in the United States with MAPPS machines built after June 2013, or with other machines equipped with MTConnect.

DMG MORI Messenger 90-day free trial

DMG MORI MESSENGER: All machines and devices at a glance

Since the world premiere of CELOS around seven years ago, DMG MORI has pioneered countless trend-setting innovations to success. Today, CELOS is used in the control systems of more than 20,000 DMG MORI machines worldwide. With DMG MORI Monitoring the machine tool manufacturer has established the bridge to customer-orientated transparency. Messenger is DMG MORI’s industry-proven machine monitoring and history analysis platform that provides live information, notifications, and detailed production history – anytime, anywhere.  Live production status is conveniently displayed in a dashboard while continuous monitoring allows you to be immediately notified via e-mail or text message in case production comes to a halt. The messenger now makes simple machine data recording possible, for example, and provides an open database for third party software. Reports can be generated automatically and clearly displayed on a page. The dashboard of the messenger can be configured individually. Customers can see all of the relevant information about the status of the machines at a glance. Furthermore, Messenger provides extensive reporting features that enable complete data transparency. The results have proven: higher output with reduced downtime.

Data-driven decision-making is a universal goal for any production scenario, small or large. As such, Messenger is the perfect tool for any business. Small job shops, medium-sized contract manufacturers, large OEMs – anyone can benefit from the optimized workflows and data-driven expansion decisions that DMG MORI Messenger makes possible.

Get started on your free 90 days trial today by visiting dmgmori.com/messengertrial. Availability and additional option requirements vary by machine model. Please check with your Sales representatives for more details.

*Valid for only USA customers.

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