04/28/2016|DMG MORI at Metalloobrabotka 2016

State-of-the-art technology for the Russian market

With the introduction of the new Russian Headquarters in Moscow and the expansion of the production range in Ulyanovsk, DMG MORI is celebrating no less than two of its most recent developments at the Metalloobrabotka in Russia.

DMG MORI new Russian Headquarters in Moscow
DMG MORI will open the new Russian Headquarters in Moscow on 23 May 2016

The 17th Metalloobrabotka from 23 to 27 May 2016 in Moscow provides DMG MORI with a more than suitable framework to emphasize its commitment on the Russian market. Local production at the site of Ulyanovsk has already been proving the importance of the region for the worldwide leading machine tool manufacturer since last year. Various models from the ECOLINE range as well as the DMU 50 are produced here with customer proximity. Furthermore, DMG MORI will also be celebrating the opening of the DMG MORI Headquarters Moscow on 23 May 2016.

Grand Opening DMG MORI Headquarters Moscow

From 23 May 2016, DMG MORI will invite customers to experience state-of-the-art CNC technology first hand at its new Headquarters in Moscow. With an area of 1,300 m², the showroom provides enough space for up to 20 machines, which will be showcased live in operation. Amongst others, the total of six machines built in Ulyanovsk – five ECOLINE models and the DMU 50 – will be permanently exhibited here. Visitors can get to know the most recent innovations in the technology center with a special area for CELOS and DMG MORI Software Solutions. A team of application engineers will also design individual manufacturing solutions for customers. Furthermore, the headquarters, spanning a total of 4,100 m², provide ample space for training in state-of-the-art CNC technology for customers as well as DMG MORI staff.

Local ECOLINE production

CTX 510 ecoline
With the CTX 510 ecoline, DMG MORI broadens its locally produced product range for maximum precision and best performance

DMG MORI emphasizes its proximity to the Russian market with the recently opened manufacturing facility in Ulyanovsk. More than 240 ECOLINE machines have already been built locally in Ulyanovsk machine tools – among them the CTX 310 ecoline CNC universal turning machine, the DMC 635 V ecoline and DMC 1035 V ecoline vertical machining centres as well as the DMU 50 ecoline CNC universal milling machine. Now DMG MORI broadens its locally produced product range with the turning machine CTX 510 ecoline for the long workpieces.  This modern CNC turning machine embodies such significant characteristics as flexibility, reliability, productivity and ease of operation. DMG MORI will produce another 20 models of the Russian premiere this year and deliver them to customers from different industries.

The locally produced models are following the global quality criteria and latest engineering standards at DMG MORI ensuring their first quality. All machines have a warranty of 18 months as a standard for components and services demonstrating the high requirements of first class production and quality standards. Additionally, DMG MORI achieves shorter lead times as well as significant cost savings on shipping, customs and exchange fees due to the production within the country. Local manufacturing ensures an integrally high standard of quality – in both production and service. Aiming at production capacities of up to 1,200 machines per year at Ulyanovsk DMG MORI is also planning to export its products in the future to CIS countries and Europe.

DMU 50 – 5-axis simultaneous machining for the Russian market

DMU 50
With the DMU 50, DMG MORI will be presenting a locally produced 5-axis premiere on the Russian market

The DMU 50 premium line will be a Russian premiere in 2016. The compact universal milling machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining will be built from now on at the recently opened DMG MORI production plant in Ulyanovsk, so that Russian customers can benefit from shorter delivery times and favourable transport costs. The DMU 50 is thus launching a new era in Russia for workshops, training facilities, laboratories as well as complex industries like medical engineering and the aerospace sector. Highlights like digital drives in all axes, rapid traverse up to 30 m/min, acceleration of 5 m/s² and motor spindles up to 18,000 min-1 provide the DMU 50 with increased dynamics. As well as the standard rigid table, other table options are available in the form of motorized swivel rotary table with hydraulic clamping and a simultaneous table which bring two further machining axes into play. The modern cross-slide design with inherently stiff, ribbed cast iron frame provides a basis for achieving appreciably greater precision.

The swivel rotary table of the DMU 50 offers further options for the manufacture of complex workpieces, for example in implantology, with a maximum of two setup operations. The saving of elaborate equipment not only saves money, but the precision of parts is also significantly increased. The large swivel range of up to 115° (–5° / +110°) enables undercuts of up to 20°. Guides, drives, measuring systems and tools are arranged outside the working area and are thus well protected.

CELOS and DMG MORI Software Solutions

CELOS, the app-based control and operating system from DMG MORI, is as easy to use as your smartphone and networks all machines within a manufacturing organization

DMG MORI is pushing forward intelligent software solutions as the elementary basis of the digital transformation of manufacturing process chains. In the age of „Industry 4.0“ it is very important to build-up a customer-oriented strategy of digital manufacturing. As a part of this strategy, DMG MORI supports customers on the way to digital transformation by offering the app-based CELOS system and DMG MORI Technology Cycles.

CELOS was first presented three years ago and as for today, the system is still being developed. The holistic user interface from DMG MORI is as easy to use as smartphone. Thanks to its open architecture CELOS allows the exchange of information with higher level structures in addition to its effects in the shop floor area. So CELOS offers customers complete integration of their machines in the company organisation while simultaneously creating today the interface of metal cutting production in the cyber-physical production system of the future. The benefits in day-to-day operation are convincing: a 30 % time saving in tooling times and 50 % lower time and effort for the calculation of technology values or the search for important information are just a few of the effects that can be achieved with CELOS. In addition, CELOS offers smooth entry into the future of metal cutting production, because this takes place gradually. Customers who decide for CELOS today receive firstly unlimited access to the existing 16 CELOS apps and secondly the chance to benefit from future apps. Because CELOS is and will remain upwardly compatible.

Workshop-oriented programming is still of great importance especially in single item production and the production of small and medium-sized quantities – and it will remain just as important for a long time to come. Whereby working with cycles is now state of the art and standard cycles for turning, milling and drilling have long been included in the performance range of modern controls. Based on its decades of application experience DMG MORI has gone far beyond the standard and currently has 24 exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles for the fields of turning / turning-milling or rather milling / milling-turning in its portfolio. These enable the operator in the workshop to programme complex machining him/herself up to 60 % faster directly on the machine via a dialog using parameterised context menus.

LASERTEC 65 3D and LASERTEC 4300 3D – Breakthrough in the field of additive manufacturing

Technology integration made by DMG MORI: Laser deposition welding and 5-axis milling combined intelligently for best surfaces and perfect component precision

In times of increasingly complex and individualized components, additive manufacturing processes with their high geometric degree of freedom with regard to the component design are seen as the future way out of the complexity trap. However, the technology is deemed slow, inaccurate and expensive, which has so far made its entry into the market difficult in the area of metal processing. The combination of laser deposition welding by means of powder nozzle and metal-cutting machining opens up completely new opportunities against this background. DMG MORI as pioneer and trendsetter now already offers two future-oriented hybrid machines – LASERTEC 65 3D and LASERTEC 4300 3D.

With the LASERTEC 65 3D, DMG MORI has been offering a hybrid machine for some time, whose basic design is equal to a conventional 5-axis machine for highly precise milling operations up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. It is equipped with a 2.5 kW diode laser for additive manufacturing. The machine is thus suitable for hybrid complete manufacturing of components as well as repair work and the application of partial or complete coatings for example in tool and mould manufacturing. In 2016, DMG MORI has also extended the range for additive manufacturing with the LASERTEC 4300 3D. In addition to laser deposition welding and 5-axis milling, this second hybrid machine also brings turning applications into play and is a good complement for long cylindrical parts. Equipped with a mirrored C-axis, workpieces can be fully finished even at the rear and thus on a total of 6 sides with the counter spindle. Even longer workpieces do not present a problem, as in this case the bottom tool turret supports the component in the production process. In both machines, the laser is housed in the HSK tool holder of the milling spindle including the powder deposition head, and exchanged automatically as required. An additional special feature of the LASERTEC 4300 3D is the provision of up to five powder deposition heads for different operations, for example for internal or external coating of cylindrical components. This creates additional degrees of freedom with regard to the manufacturing strategy.

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