11/13/2019|IN4.OS US LLC

DMG MORI Announces Strategic Partnership with IN4.OS US LLC

IN4.OS US LLC launches first Smart Factory of the Future, IPSUM Technologies LLC utilizing DMG MORI’s advanced 5-axis machining centers.

The monoBLOCK series has a machine concept for every sector – every component produced becomes an impressive masterpiece.

Chicago, IL – DMG MORI, an industry leading machine tooling manufacturer, partners with IN4.OS US LLC, an organization focused on developing advanced manufacturing enterprises for strategic sectors, to construct Smart Factories of the Future. The partnership has executed the inauguration of IPSUM Technologies LLC, the first Smart Factory of the Future and is effective immediately.

Smart Factory of the Future, an IN4.OS US LLC concept, is a cyber-physical system, location agnostic factory that has the ability to deliver flexible and scalable manufacturing capabilities. IN4.OS US LLC has launched the IPSUM Technologies LLC as the initial Smart Factory of the Future. IPSUM Technologies LLC will be located in Pickens County, South Carolina and will operate DMG MORI manufacturing equipment.

DMG MORI’s advanced technologies will aid in the manufacturing process. Ipsum Technologies LLC purchased nine machines from the manufacturer. Among the DMG MORI 5-axis machine purchases were DMU monoBLOCK as well as DMU/C FD duoBLOCK machines, which are built in the production plant
DECKEL MAHO Pfronten in Germany.

Sophisticated CNC technologies from DMG MORI

The universal machining centers of the DMU monoBLOCK series are made for various key sectors combining 5-axis simultaneous machining with highly dynamic high-speed milling including spindles with up to 40,000 rpm or hightorque cutting with torques up to 430 Nm. Extensive cooling measures and multisensor compensation guarantee high precision. The ergonomic design featuring a large door opening as well as the App-based control and operating system CELOS allow user-friendly work with the DMU monoBLOCK machines. The duoBLOCK series, on the other hand, convinces with highest machining performance with up to 1,800 Nm spindle torque in case of the 5X torqueMASTER. The stable duoBLOCK concept ensures long-term precision as well as a long machine life. Highest part accuracy with a machine accuracy of up to 4 μm with high dynamics with up to 60,000 mm/min feed speed are attractive features for demanding applications. Additionally, the DMC duoBLOCK machines are equipped with a pallet changer that supports maximum machine capacity.

IPSUM Technologies LLC, the first successfully implemented Smart Factory of the Future, designed and implemented by IN4.OS US LLC, will focus on manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industries.

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