Customer Statement COVID-19 by DMG MORI USA

As I am sure many of you have done similarly in the past few weeks, I and the DMG MORI USA management team have been grappling to find a balance amongst competing priorities—keeping our employees and communities safe, running our daily operations and preparing for the economic realities we are facing with COVID-19. I find that there is no balance to be had. Our priority is and will always be the safety of our employees and our communities.

DMG MORI COVID-19 Safety Policies
We are following the guidance issued by our public health authorities and following all state and local orders. Across the country we have implemented a work from home policy for all employees, and we reduced onsite staff to only those essential workers required to maintain minimum basic operations and/or to continue the supply and service to essential businesses. All our meetings are now conducted remotely, and we implemented strict social distancing requirements, and hygiene and sanitizing guidelines for all onsite work. 

Service Support for Essential Businesses
DMG MORI USA will do everything it can to contribute to the global effort to fight COVID-19. Part of that is our role to support critical infrastructure industries that ensures continuity of essential services during lockdown periods. We take this responsibility in earnest.

We follow the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s CISA Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce in determining whether a service request is for an essential business:

To customers in these critical infrastructure industries, I assure you that there will be no disruption of service during applicable lockdown periods. In return, we kindly ask from you two things:

  1. Complete a pre-visit questionnaire (to be provided to you by our Service department) where you will
    - State your critical infrastructure category and a brief description of your operations. We will also accept a written opinion from the applicable local government or a written communication from a U.S. government agency that states you are an essential business.
    - State whether you have a confirmed COVID-19 case and the steps you took to address it.
  2. Treat DMG MORI employees that will visit your facilities with the same level of care that you would your own employees.

For all cases, we will give our employees the choice to decline an assignment. We will not force an employee to work where they do not feel comfortable. In such instances, we will do everything possible to minimize any potential delay in service.  

Spare Parts
Our parts center is fully operational. You can continue to order your spare parts as usual. While most parts are stocked, certain parts are ordered from overseas factories at the time of order. In such cases, we will inform you promptly if a part is not stocked locally.

Sales and Delivery Timelines 
Our Sales team is fully available and your Area Sales Manager is ready as always to respond to your concerns. I understand that some of you may have concerns regarding the delivery timelines of your pending orders given the disruption to the global supply chain. I assure you that should there be any delay, we will do everything we can to minimize it and we will inform you of it as soon as we have notice. For communication regarding delivery timelines, your Area Sales Manager remains your primary contact.

Contact Us
The ways to contact us remain the same.

You can e-mail us at any time at support@dmgmori-usa.com.
Our 24/7 hotline is also available at 1-855-DMG-MORI.
Our website remains a great resource for extensive information on the full range of our products and services. Please visit us at https://us.dmgmori.com/

All of us have endured a lot—natural disasters, economic upheavals and geopolitical uncertainties. But this pandemic is new territory. I am confident however that if we each do our part in fighting COVID-19, this will be a blip in our history and in a few months we can go back to our normal lives.

I wish you all good health and a hopeful outlook.


James V. Nudo J.D.

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