05/15/2019|Chicago Innovation Days 2019 - Automation

More value creation through integral automation solutions

With flexible workpiece handling and palette automation systems, DMG MORI supports their customers on their path towards autonomous manufacturing.

  • An intelligent combination of machine tool and automation solution
  • Automation solutions for all DMG MORI machines
    • DMG MORI factories supply the machine and the automation system from as a single source
    • Hardware and software – perfectly coordinated
  • The range of services extends as standard automation and customized automation solutions to complete turnkey solutions
  • MATRIS: Modular workpiece handling offering versatility and variety
  • GX 7: Space-saving gantry loader
  • RPS: High-capacity compact rotary pallet storage system
  • Robo2Go 2nd Generation: Flexible automation, simple to program
  • PH 150: Pallet handling for 5-axis machining

Automated machines are crucial components of a digital factory and therefore an integral part of intelligent and networked production. DMG MORI approaches automation solutions for customers as a strategic foundation for competitiveness and future growth. The production plant in Davis assumes an important role in the development and implementation of automation solutions. Additionally, the Automation Systems team provide a full range of services from technical consultations and budgeting, to complete system designs, installation and commissioning. The Automation Systems team work within the Engineering Department along with the Applications Engineers ensuring a seamless process so customers receive a complete automated solution from a single source. During Innovation Days DMG MORI will present, among others, automation solutions for machines produced locally in Davis, California. The CMX 1100 V will be equipped with versatile modular workpiece handling MATRIS, and the ALX 2000 – a US premiere – will be shown with the GX 7 gantry loader. Additionally, the NHX 4000 with a RPS for 21 pallets, the NHX 6300 with a LPP for twelve pallets, the DMU 50 3rd Generation with a PH 150 Pallet handling, and the DMP 70 with WH 3 workpiece handling will all be exhibited at Innovation Days.

Designing user-specific automation solutions requires a high degree of flexibility and experience. The required flexibility is based on modular building blocks consisting of production cells and systems, which can be configured and adapted individually. DMG MORI also has a holistic approach to the design of automation solutions that considers the entire value creation chain, ensuring the system can be integrated ideally into the process. Automation expertise is fundamental to the efficiencies at the DMG MORI factories, as is also the case at the Davis factory. The California campus consists of both the U.S. factory and DMG MORI’s American Research and Development hub, which allows the machine tool manufacturer to be closer to North American customers. Powerful machine tools like the DMC 340 U, three NHX 10000’s, and two NH 6300 DCGII and the extensive use of automation combined with a highly skilled workforce make Davis one of the most advanced factories in the world.​​​​​​​

The MATRIS workpiece handling is designed for a workpiece weight of 44 lbs and workpiece sizes of up to ø 5.9 x 4.7 in.

MATRIS: Modular workpiece handling offering versatility and variety

DMG MORI will be presenting its MATRIS workpiece handling system at the Chicago Innovation Days on a CMX 1100 V. Depending on the application it can be equipped with different grippers and can be combined with standardized peripheral modules for washing, measuring or part marking. The structured design of the robot programs and teach functions enable quick change-overs and immediate start-ups in serial production. In addition, the use of MAPPS connected makes maintenance and operation easier. Maximum workpiece weight is 44 lbs with workpiece sizes up to ø 5.9 x 4.7 inches. There is also space available for 14 pallets. MATRIS can even load oversized tools into the tool magazine when combined with the CMX 1100 V. DMG MORI also has the MATRIS mini in its range, offering a very cost-efficient miniaturized form of the MATRIS for an even more compact layout and shorter commissioning times.

The workpiece magazine of the GX 7 is available with 14, 20 or 26 pallet tables, maximum workpiece weight per pallet is 77 lbs and a diameter of up to 5.9 in depending on the version.

GX 7: Space-saving gantry loader

DMG MORI will be demonstrating the benefits of the GX 7 gantry loader at Innovation Days on an ALX 2000.This workpiece handling solution is extremely compact and space saving, as well as very easy to setup and operate. Its flexibility is also reflected in the different peripheral equipment that can be configured such as washing, measuring or part marking. The workpiece magazine of the GX 7 is available with 14, 20 or 26 pallet tables; maximum workpiece weight per pallet is 77 lbs and a diameter of up to 5.9 in depending on the version. Travel speeds of 180 m/min in the X-axis and 200 m/min in the Z-axis make the GX 7 tremendously fast as well as reliable automation solution, since it comes direct from the DMG MORI factory. Additionally, DMG MORI will exhibit at Innovation Days the larger model of the ALX series, the ALX 2500, which is also produced locally at the Davis factory. The ALX 2500 will be automated with a bar loader and parts catcher.

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The RPS offers space for up to 21 pallets.

RPS: High-capacity compact rotary pallet storage system

With its rotary pallet, storage system DMG MORI offers an automation solution that is equipped with five pallet stations and a setup station in the standard version. There are also optional configurations for the NHX 4000 with 14 or 21 pallets, which are arranged on two (14 pallets) or three (21 pallets) levels for space-saving purposes. The control of the RPS is managed directly via the machine control with the aid of the integrated Pallet Manager software.

LPP: Linear pallet pool for up to 199 pallets and ten machine tools

With the DMG MORI LPP, the linear pallet systems can connect up to ten machine and a pallet storage system for up 199 pallets. For loading and unloading, the LPP integrates up to five setup stations which each can be managed and scheduled independently by DMG MORI’s exclusive Linear Pallet System cell controller. The maximum workpiece size the LPP can handle is ø 133.85 in, a length of 78.74 in and a weight of up to 22,000 lbs. At Innovation Days DMG MORI will demonstrate a NHX 6300 with a 12-pallet version of the LPP.

The Robo2Go 2nd Generation can be operated intuitively without any knowledge of robot programming.

Robo2Go 2nd Generation: flexible automation, simply programmed

DMG MORI developed the Robo2Go 2nd Generation as a flexible robotic automation for the CLX series turning centers as well as the turn & mill complete machining centers of the CTX TC series. DMG MORI will be showcasing the robot at Chicago Innovation Days on a CTX beta 800 TC. Thanks to its new software, the second generation can be operated intuitively. The processes can be created quickly and simply with the Robo2Go 2nd Generation based on predefined program modules without any knowledge of robot programming.

Teaching the robot during setup for a new workpiece takes less than five minutes, making the Robo2Go 2nd Generation an ideal and flexible solution for small and medium-sized batches.

PH 150: Pallet handling in 5-axis machining

As another example of available pallet systems from DMG MORI, the DMU 50 3rd Generation will be exhibited with a PH 150 at Innovation Days. The 5-axis milling machine is known for its versatility in machining complex parts. Combined with the PH 150 it allows an efficient and autonomous production of workpieces over longer periods. The pallet handling offers space for up to 24 pallets with a maximum pallet size of ø 19.68 x 19.68 in. It is designed for a workpiece weight of 551 lbs.

WH3: flexible and compact automation for the DMP 70

The DMP 70, one of the two US premieres shown at Innovation Days, offers a flexible automation connection from the right, left or front of the machine. DMG MORI will present the compact machining center with a WH 3 workpiece handling system. The entire automation solution has a space requirement of just 94.72 ft².

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