05/15/2019|Chicago Innovation Days 2019 - US premiere: ALX 2000

Reliable and cost-efficient turning processes

As a smaller sister model of the ALX 2500, DMG MORI now presents the ALX 2000, a high-performing turning machine for demanding automation applications in any industry.

  • Compact footprint of just 29.1 ft2 (with 11.8 in turning length)
  • Slideways on the X-axis for higher damping performance, and linear motion guides on the Z-axis for improved positioning accuracy
  • 8” chuck
  • Available in 11.8 in, 19.7 in, 39.4 in, and 78.7 in turning length
  • BMT turret with twelve powered tools
  • Rapid traverses of up to 30 m/min (X-axis, Z-axis)
  • Can be automated with a gantry loader or bar feeder
  • Optimum chip removal

Modern equipment options, compact dimensions and a high level of automation are all contribute to the efficiency of a turning machine. DMG MORI has considered this in the development of the ALX series to meet the high demands of serial production in the automotive and other sectors. The ALX 2000, a US premiere that DMG MORI produces locally in Davis, is a stable, dynamic, and compact turning machine that unites excellent standards from a max spindle speed of 4,500 min-1 to the BMT turret with twelve powered tools and tailstock and on to include perfect ergonomic design for operation and maintenance. In addition, the ALX 2000 offers a high degree of automation thanks to the optional gantry loader, a deciding factor for cost-effectiveness in production.

The ALX 2000 is available in 11.8 in, 19.6 in, 39.3 in, and 78.7 in turning length.

With the ALX 2000 DMG MORI has added a new turning machine to its portfolio that adheres strictly to customer requirements with regard to performance, precision, and process reliability. The sturdy construction with its slideways on the X-axis and linear motion guides on the Z-axis ensures good damping properties and a high level of positioning accuracy. This is of particular benefit in the automotive sector for the production of various housings and shafts. The ALX 2000 is available in 11.8 in, 19.6 in, 39.3 in, and 78.7 in turning length.

Thanks to its tailstock and twelve powered tools in the BMT turret the ALX 2000 can also handle more complex components. Rapid traverses of up to 30 m/min and the high-performance turnMASTER spindle with a speed of 4,500 min-1 and a torque of 263 Nm guarantee the necessary power and dynamics. Its accuracy is at 0.4 µm. DMG MORI offers the turnMASTER spindle with a warranty of 36 months without any hourly limit.

This is a milling operation of the ALX 2000 with driven tools.

The ALX 2000 gains in process reliability thanks to its optimum chip flow and simple chip disposal, which is installed at the front. Maintenance parts can also be reached quickly and simply from there. The user-friendly, ergonomic design of the ALX 2000 is continued for the controls, where DMG MORI relies on the proven 12.1” COMPACTline with MAPPS Pro for up to 19.6 in turning length and 15” SLIMline with MAPPS for the longer versions.

As flexible serial production plays a key role in automobile construction, DMG MORI offers the ALX 2500 with the optional installation of a GX 7 gantry loader, which enables virtually unmanned – and therefore extremely cost-effective – production. Modular expansions for the automation solution, such as a measuring unit or deburring unit, are also available for even greater process integration.

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