Integrated digitization solutions 

The topic Industry 4.0 continues to dominate machine tool building right through into the new year, with DMG MORI developing with ever growing momentum into a turnkey partner. CELOS, for example, offers a modular 360° solution portfolio for integrated digitization of a factory – of machines, processes and services.

Production planning advanced planning & scheduling


  • Intelligent planning tool for production
  • Higher transparency for increased on-time production
  • Optimisation of throughput times and batch sizes
  • Visualisation of capacity reserves
  • Planning of maintenance
  • BDE/MDE feedback
  • Interfaces for transfer of orders from ERP systems

“Digital Tooling“2 is another workflow package. All tool information needed for the production process can be managed centrally with this CELOS APP package: NC programming and simulation as well as tooling, scanning and loading, whereby different systems can access the tool data simultaneously. In addition, all process-related data are stored in a central tool management database, ensuring a transparent and seamless tool history.

2 Digital Tooling realizes integral tool management and includes the CELOS APPs Tool Handling, Tool Agent and Tool Analyzer.

Digital tooling - Three CELOS APPs for integral digital tool management


  • Generation and management of digital tools
  • Setting of tool parameters
  • Capture of presetting data


  • Analysis of recorded tool and process data


  • Improved handling of physical tools (loading & unloading)
  • Identification and adaptation of digital and physical tools

CELOS – Simplified machine operation. Integration of machine.

Monitoring with added value

To provide more transparency in production, the APP Package “Digital Monitoring”3 visualizes all key information of the digital factory. The CELOS APP Condition Analyzer offers the capture, storage, analysis and visualization of machine sensor data. The CELOS APP then enables subsequent analysis of several machines, e.g. for early recognition of machine failures. The Performance Monitor also visualizes current machine availability and efficiency independently of location. In this way the CELOS APP creates transparency and control possibilities with regard to basic manufacturing parameters – so-called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

There are also a number of expansion options. With CELOS PROtab, DMG MORI brings a mobile assistant into networked production. DMG MORI customers will in future also use CELOS functions on older machines and machines from other manufacturers with the aid of this industrial standard. In addition, live images can be imported into chat conferences with the new serviceCAM in combination with the NETSERVICE 4.0 APP

3Digital Monitoring visualizes all relevant process and machine information of a digital factory and can include the following CELOS APPs: Messenger, Condition Analyzer and Performance Monitor. Data from the APPs Production Planning and Tool Analyzer can also be visualized and the APP Cockpit can be used as the visualization screen (dashboard) for all the APPs mentioned.

Digital monitoring – The entire production process at a glance


  • Visualization of relevant machine data from the CELOS APPs Messenger, Condition Analyzer, Performance Monitor, Production Planning & Tool Analyzer 


  • Increase in productivity through immediate detection of idle times


  • Capture and analysis of machine data with direct feedback for maximum machine productivity


  • Location-independent capture, analysis and visualization of machine availability and efficiency through direct feedback from production


With ADAMOS, CELOS is being developed into a digital marketplace so that DMG MORI can offer its customers integrated, digital and open end-to-end solutions for maximum security and transparency and efficiency in the digital factory.



  1. Global Alliance: DMG MORI, Dürr, Software AG, ZEISS, ASM and Engel pool their resources in ADAMOS for Industry 4.0 and are ready to welcome further partners 
  2. Open Platform: The ADAMOS IIoT-platform is manufacturer-neutral, linking cutting edge IIoT technology and advanced industry knowledge 
  3. Broad App Portfolio: The ADAMOS App Factory Alliance focuses on the technological expertise and industry knowledge of the partners for rapid joint development of apps 
  4. Digital Marketplaces: The partners promote their digital competences to their customers and individual marketplaces under their own brand identities (for example CELOS powered by ADAMOS) 
  5. Strong Set-up: ADAMOS GmbH and the ADAMOS App Factory Alliance launched on 1st October 2017 with around 200 experts, 5 digital marketplaces and more than 30 apps 
  6. End-to-End: With ADAMOS, DMG MORI offers its customers, partners and suppliers a complete digitalization strategy

World market leaders combine strengths in ADAMOS

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