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FMV Leasing

Fair Market Value Leasing 

Leasing may be the best way for you to acquire a new machine from DMG MORI. We offer a FMV Lease that allows you to expense your entire monthly rate. And at the end of your lease term you can choose between buying out your leased machine for the fair market value and to extend your contract for another few months / years.

When we propose a lease, we want to give you the best scope for your investment. Couple this with fast, straight-forward financing decisions and DMG MORI Finance should be your ideal partner for the long-term growth of your business.

Using our in-house lease to acquire innovative DMG MORI technology could help you build your competitive edge with improved margins. Use DMG MORI Finance to broaden your business horizons.

Pay as you earn

Leasing focuses on the use rather than the purchase of a product. From a legal perspective, it is the "transfer of capital equipment for use over a period against a fee". This phrase really sums it up as a more affordable way to invest in technology: acquire the tools now, then pay for them while you profit from using them.

Flexibility as part of our service!

For our selected customers, we are happy to offer up to 6-month skip ($0) or reduced payments to give you and your cash flow enough room to get used to your new DMG MORI machine. This will help you to conserve cash while the new machine increases production and grows profits.

And there’s payment flexibility in the other direction too: during the contract period, if business is going well, you can choose to terminate your contract early by paying the remaining contract value with no penalty.